Saturday, July 5, 2014


Worry, worry, worry!!!  Life can be so worrisome at times. can be so stressful at times.   What to do???   Always what to do???

Did try to quit...wishful thinking and make decisions and stick to them, but I FAIL!!!

2nd card on my *Shadow Tarot Work* (Star of Discovery spread)  The Hanged Man (#12) hanging upside down -getting brilliant ideas.   

Pride vs Humility...feeling like I really want to do something....move what??? I am again wishing...must stop that.  I create, instead of wish.  

Would like some opportunities to come forward.  Maybe the mind just playing games again!!

As I was reading down the list about the Hanged Man...allowing things to happen without the need to control.  The Big *C* word that my Father was very good at doing.  Beside that and guilt trips.  I had received some channeled info. back in 95' that came through someone that I went have some past life regression done.  About 2-3 yrs ago, I got angry at Spirit and threw the tape away.  It had some really good info. on it and I shouldn't of thrown it away, but as they say...whoever they are.....everything happens for a reason...right???   or shift be the judge!!! (wink)

*you are becoming the watcher.... (thought/said to myself.....) Mind, you are so funny...chuckled to myself.....  ;)

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