Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Dark Side......

I want to give my dark side a voice!  We have been told and taught for so long that this is not acceptable in society, school, and churches, etc., but I feel it is time for a voice to be given....thanks to my friend Jan!!

Dark side what say you...I feel like you are shy @ times and want to express yourself, but won't come out and that's where the overeating comes in...afraid to bring thoughts/actions forward.  Well I give you permission to come forward now and always to free yourself......Just Let GO!! 

What now....I feel sleepy with the air on, it's nice and cool.  I feel tension and my arm and hand hurts writing this.  Slow down and relax even tension in my jaw....blow out and shake.....Stop The Resistance!!

Spend less time on the computer...heal thoughts that come forward, express in a positive way....negative thoughts.  

What is on my dark side?

What mystery's lie there? 

What? What? What?

This is stupid....just want to eat...don't feel like anything deep is coming usual.....all life....need to think/feel @ a deeper level.  I want to eat....stuff myself, instead of expressing...depressed like I was taught...not allowed to let this come forward...Just

What would you like to say...I would like to be creative, express myself and how would you like to do that?  I would like to to the moon...the moon is emotion in action.

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