Monday, June 23, 2014

6.18.14 Continued....Insights

Shame and Guilt....

I would go to my Mom and Dad with ideas and they would shoot them down and cause me to feel stupid, guilt trips put on me, and shame.  So I clammed up and decided to follow, instead of lead about my life, cramming myself with food every time I felt belittled, slight or major hurts, anything that played on me, so my go to defensive mechanism was over eating (anger/guilt/shame/not good enough).

Pulled some cards for a reading from Shadow Tarot Workbook; Star of Discover Spread.....

#1 card    The Moon

#2 card    The Hanged Man

#3 card    Strength

#4 card    Death

#5 card    The Lovers

#6 card    The Emperor 

My overall reaction to the spread was a good feeling!  :)    I will be looking at each card separately when I am guided by Spirit to do so!

#1   The Moon:  Denial

My impressions:  emotional, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, twin or two towers, the number 18 equals a 9 which means completeness. 

The books:  Confusion vs Mystery.... (This is how it feels to me.....confusion is the mind and mystery is Spirit > How to function in both worlds.....

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