Friday, June 20, 2014


Dark Shadow Self: overeating...are you there and what can you tell me about the topic  "Self-Responsibility" - eating addiction...abuse of self, abuse of revenge on self for not taking a stand with my parents and saying *NO!...this is how I want it, this is what I want, not you!!

This is my life - not your's - live your own!! 

What would we of done dark shadow?  Learned to be our self - Can we do that now?  Be free and do what we want?  Yes, what would you like to do?  Be FREE!!  WE are free..... now what career/business would you like....something that stands for freedom - which is?  Adventure/hiking pack store online....anything else?

I'm too...with this same out...where is the adventure ...the freedom, to do...what to do??????

How to break free.....abuse by overeating for not listening to self......let's go to a kid:  what to do ...over eat...not/never satisfied. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee...exciting, but I don't want coffee....cookies...cookies, but I don't want cookies....what to do now????  What do you want NOW???

I feel like I need to do something like in the *The Way* movie or a vision quest - to break free of fear, etc.  What else could we do????

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