Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goat Changes

A lot of changes have taken place in May at Striker's barn, and not all that I have liked, of course, but in a perfect world, I would of made other changes instead....... start things off, I had posted about putting Chloe to sleep because of her not being able to get around and then bringing in the Boer.  Then we bought Rose, a 3 yr young pygmy doe that lost her babies the last 2 years also, she is sweet!  Taffeta wasn't getting along with her that well.  Taffeta was the queen, but with her attitude we went and bought 2 Nigerian Dwarf wethers and the woman we bought them from gave us a free one to save it from the sale barns....thank YOU, Brenda!!  

We get everyone home and think there will be peace in the barn once again.....NOPE...that would be too easy....Taffeta would not get along at all......just her nature and as much as I LOVED her, I knew it would never work out.   Taffeta went back to Jill her previous owner, so now if Taffeta gets lonely, Jill is going to buy her a chicken.....

Now onto the photo's.....(yesterday I went out to take some other ones and the battery was dead in the to buy a back up soon...battery that is.....  ;)

Rose in the front and Taffeta in the back.....just love this photo.  Really sad that it didn't work out with Taffeta!!



Now introducing the boys, we have had them for a week and they are 9 weeks young.  The one on the left is Jasper with Moose.

and this is Jack

Moose and Jasper

Jasper, Moose trying to fly.... :) and Rose.   Jack is in the background.

Rose has her moments with them, but we are trying to get them together to bond slowly.

Will post more photo's later!!    Hugs!!


  1. Oh,Pam, I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Chloe. Your new babies are beautiful! What fun they are having in their new home!

    1. Thank you, Melodie! It has been tough, but we all have experienced things like onto bigger and better things! :)

  2. It's a shame when there's one that can't get along. Looks like everyone else is doing well.

    1. It was Teresa, it just peeved me!! Yes, we are still introducing them to each other and it will take some time....which time I do have! :)

  3. Pam, they're wonderful! I do know what you mean about queen goats, Surprise is one and she's never been happy with any changes in our goat population. It's great Taffeta's previous owner could take her back. I laughed at the part about buying her a chicken!

    1. Thank you, Leigh! They sure are fun. We have another situation now...Rose hit Jack, the little one, so we are taking him into the vet this morning. Darn goats....*sigh* I so hope nothing is wrong.

      Yes, Jill was thrilled and her chicken comment had us laughing too, heck I'm still laughing about it. :)