Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So we expanded the fencing yesterday to give the goaties more room to play!

This is Rolo, a 5 month Boer, that we borrowed from our friends till we can find a couple more pygmies to go with Taffeta.

Taffeta resting, I feel she is still grieving as I am.  Chloe would of loved this area to roam around in, but she is there in spirit, I'm sure.

The old fence line.

New toys to play on.

Hello Taffeta, our sweet other girl!  mwah!  

Thursday, we are suppose to be going to look at another doe that is 3 yrs. of age.  She cannot be bred also like Taffeta, as she has lost her babies the last two years.  This doe is called Primrose or Rose for short, looks just like Taffeta, as she is coming from where Taffeta was born 8 yrs ago......small world!


  1. That does look like goat paradise! Hope you find a new friend for her.

    1. Thank YOU!! I hope the goaties think so.... ;)