Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Walkabout!!

It was such a lovely morning, so I decided to take my walk then instead of in the evening AND I just had to bring along my new friend (Nikon).  Teresa @, you are SO right.....I am loving this camera with a big cheezy smile on my!!!

Here's my honey!

Here's Tiger!

I walk usually through our local cemetery, because it is up the street from us!

Beautiful pine trees that are in a circle.....really love them!

Our neighbors fence and picnic area in the background!  Their cows enjoy that area at times!

Our other neighbor that is up the hill and lives across from the cemetery......could get spooky up there especially around Halloween......ha ha ha!!

And our two favorite stars.....Chloe and Taffeta!!!!  

Have a great afternoon......I'm going out to play with the girl's and my new camera.....woo hoo!!  Hugs!!


  1. I loved taking a walk with you through pictures! I actually like cemeteries!Chloe and Taffeta look like they are having a good time sun bathing..

    1. Thank you, Melodie! Was trying out that new camera Cliff got me. I like old cemeteries too. I looked up the oldest one in Ohio and heck, little to be known it's only 18 miles from us....lmao! Who knew....;). They very peaceful....I love it! :)

  2. What a lovely walk! I hope you are enjoying that new camera. :-)

    1. Teresa, I so is so fun! Thank you! :)