Monday, June 13, 2011

Pirate Smoothie Plus A Favorite Product....

Today's yummy smoothie comes from Lexi and the recipe can be found here. Thank you Lexi! I just love the name of it "Pirate"! Now who don't love a pirate especially when his name could be Jack Sparrow...ha! I just love Johnny Depp! Yahoo!!!

Hubby even commented how good this smoothie was! That's always happy proof of the pudding, right!

Just wanted to share a favorite product of our's...Archer Farms Coffee's! This coffee can only be found at Target stores. It is so smooth and we just love the many to choose from!

Well hope you are having a glorious Monday! Hugs!


  1. Pam, ha ha! I think I will make this one this afternoon and see if my husband turns into Jack Sparrow. I'd love it and my kids would, too : )

    Glad you enjoyed it. Love your blog!


  2. Hi Lexie, so happy to see you here, thanks for stopping by and posting your lovely comment! Take photo'! we could compare our Jack Sparrow's....HOT!!! lol! Hugs!

  3. Both your blogs have yummy looking smoothies! Tis the season! Lexie's recipes sound really good.

  4. Hi Leigh, Thank you for your sweet comments, both smoothies were delish! Hugs!