Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yay...More Baby Goats!

Hope you are all interested in baby goats as much as I am...lol! Well I'm here to share more with you......

This is Oreo, again...Butterscotch's daughter!

Twist and Oreo playing on Alexus!

Dan (owner) and Cliff...holding Cinnamon....love that white band on his leg! I want a Cinnamon..he he!

New babies from Lily... Survivor (middle one), because she almost died...then we have Daisy and Tiger Lily!

This is Ruby...Cinnamon's mama....nice doe! Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. You can never have too many pictures of cute baby goats! It just makes me want some.


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  3. Patience girl....their on the way..he he!

  4. Pam I just had to tell you..my 3 year old is loving your blog. He keeps asking me to go to the internet to see the baby goat photos :)

  5. Hi Maggie, YAY! for your lil young' for loving baby goats...me too! So cute!