Friday, December 17, 2010

Mixing Candy Making and Wine

On Wednesday evening, my sister and I decided to do some candy making....on the list to do was: buckeyes, turtles, and cashew nut clusters. Vicky and I had to get the party started right with a nice glass of wine.

Here's Vicky putting the melted chocolate on the turtles.

Here's yours truly playing with the caramel for the turtles.

Mission accomplished with those luscious turtles...nothing better than homemade candies.

The assortment being!

We had a lot of great wine, laughter, and candy that evening! Happy Friday to ya!


  1. Wonderful! They all look so yummy. You know, I'm very fond of wine and homemade candy.


  2. Oy, that's! I remember now!

  3. Hi Pam! I'm Tracy from Journey to Casimir, and I'm from Canada.
    I just saw Teresa's post about the soap molds and I just had to see your blog. What a nice thing to do!
    Also, I'm very jealous of your treat making skills.

  4. sister love, wine and kind of night!=)

  5. Those candies look so professional. I'm impressed. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful time with your sister.

  6. @ Tracy, Hi there and thank you so much for the wonderfully kind comments. I'm going to check out your blog it looks really interesting! Hugs!

    @ Kelli, hey happy to see you here and love your comment too...thank you! Hugs!

    @ Leigh, we had so much fun that night and thank YOU for the professional comment...ha ha! You are appreciated Leigh! Hugs!

  7. yummmmmmy...for the candy and the wine!!! I love to have a glass of wine or two or mmm... when cooking! How nice your sister is near by and you guys can get together for some fun time!

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