Monday, December 13, 2010

Have You Ever?

I debated about making this post, but then again I wanted to be honest with myself, since this is a blog about life and my amazing journey. Since last week I have been lacking in my creativity zone, in other words, not doing anything to express my creative side and when this happens this energy can go in many other directions and not always the right direction. So this morning when I was choosing to overeat or emotionally overeat I wrote this letter to myself. Now maybe some of you can relate and others may not, which is fine. I just needed to put this out there for others and myself, just so that you know you are not alone!

The Letter:

"I get so discussed with myself for overeating, it brings me to tears to be treating my body like this and betraying my soul this way and I can't seem to stop it! I read books about the topic and sometimes I think I have the answers, but then it happens again. I wish I was a writer (published). It is so pathetic how I can't seem to even stop it, but at times I can. (I know this doesn't make sense) I feel like I should know better......which I should. I wonder will anything be easy or I should/could say come easy in my life (as a creative side of me) as I really want to write. Why should I have to take a don' books and incorporate the information in. I'm what they call a binge eater and an emotional eater. It seems easier to just give in than to find the courage to beat it. OMG, you know what you just wrote....get it together NOW!"

So I go to our book case and pull out this book:

and this one:

Both are excellent! I will pull myself up and start reading and healing again! Forgetting to feel sorry for! and find my courage to move onward and upward. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps other and me too! xoxo to all!


  1. I'm a stress eater. I confess, I just ate the lump of solidified almond bark left over from the peanut clusters I made yesterday. Is that not pathetic? I haven't read either of those books, but that first one looks especially intriguing!


  2. They are both great books....each different in their own way, but I do like the first one best!

    You could of at least shared the bark with me...jeez! I think sometimes it's about being a woman too and all the stress that can go with that in this life and the past ones (if you believe in that) also. I guess I could/should focus on something more positive than food....loving self would be better...awe heck...we will get through and persevere...right!

    Hey, I just want to let you know how much I appreciated you commenting on this post...thank YOU! xo

  3. Yes I can relate, though with some differences. Funny you should want to be a writer. Me too. Maybe I should see if our county library has either of those books.

  4. Leigh, I hope you can find them...they are both really great books! Let's keep our dream alive....and believe "We are writer's now"...he he! Hugs!